Drawing Stories with Travis Millard is an intimate series of shorts exploring non-fictional details from the artist's life accompanied by an illustration drawn in real time.

Occasionally guests may appear on the show to share their own story while Travis listens and draws it.

Topically, stories range from subjects including fantastic occurrences, abstract introspection, embarrassing moments, and times of naive discovery.

Imagine Bob Ross, Fishing with John, and Tim & Eric in a blender, and it might be something like Drawing Stories with Travis Millard.

Here is proof that we have a new season coming.  Travis has a new flannel on!

Here is proof that we have a new season coming.  Travis has a new flannel on!

Ever wonder what eating a spider tastes like?  Neither did Travis, yet somehow he manages to wrangle one in his mouth against his will.  In this episode Travis describes his unfortunate experience in hopes it will end anyone’s curiosity to try eating one themselves.

While Travis’ fondness for baseball grows, unfortunately so does his appetite for baseball cards.  To expand his growing empire, Travis and friends go “5 finger Shopping” at a local yard sale.  The friends make out like bandits, but Travis’ efforts are thwarted, which leads to him never going back on that street again.

Travis’ Dad (a western jean salesman) takes Travis on a business trip to a local rodeo show.  On this journey Travis experiences Alabama (the band, not the state), Ray Stevens doing the Streak and has a surprise run in with legendary country musician, Charlie Daniels. Watch how Travis smooth talks his way out of this one.  

Travis and his friends take a special trip to the county fair. While at the fair, Travis witnesses the physics of gravity, centrifugal force, and the horror of riding the Gravitron next to someone who has eaten one too many corndogs.  Fortunately Travis wasn’t the victim here, nor did it stop him from filling up on corndogs afterwards.

It was held over Travis’ head for many years that his parents almost named him Rusty.  Here, Travis ponders what direction his life would have gone, what turns it would have taken, what riches may have been gained if he was a “Rusty.”